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Not knowing if his family is alive or dead, Tenzin looks back to see one of the last few remnants of his culture collapse.  Having spent his life trying to preserve everything the Air Nomads represent, he can only watch as the temple succumbs to the same beating his body and soul have felt. His students and love ones could easily be gone, and with it every reason he has to continue living.  At this moment he is completely and utterly alone.    

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"Korra, the most powerful thing about you is not the spirit of Raava, but your own inner spirit. You have always been strong, unyielding, and fearless… Before he fused with Raava, Wan was just a regular person… He became a legend because of who he was, not what he was. He wasn’t defined by Raava anymore than you are."
– Tenzin
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And so a meme is born.

And so a meme is born.

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