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"Nick got a chance to play Platinum Games’ just-announced game based on The Legend of Korra, and has a TON of thoughts to share with you. Check out our preview for his thoughts on Platinum’s signature combat, the story and more!"

On the Book Two Blu-ray, co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino talks about Tenzin and his children.

This article was posted 4 months ago

In this behind-the-scenes clip from the Book Two Blu-ray, co-creator Bryan Konietzko discusses Korra’s dynamic with her father and uncle.

This article was posted 4 months ago
This article was posted 4 months ago



Some sketches drawn this month for Korra crew. (Taken with my cellphone under dubious lighting conditions.)

  • Tengen Toppa Legend of Korra for William (did you see his amazing Tenzin mashup?!)
  • excited Bolin for our Nick artist program winner, Lane Garrison
  • my response to Eugene’s effn amazing Legend of Titan mashup.
  • Bolin cosplaying Sasuke for my storyboard artist Natasha! (She loves Sasuke and she loves Bolin. ^__^ The choice was obvious.)
  • and a Bolin in space for my fellow AD Owen

Olga… so so talented :-)  I love my Bosuke!

(via makos-lightningrod)