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Remember the “cue from a scene from an episode from a season” thing that Jeremy Zuckerman released? Yeah, imagine that being from the scene where Korra decides to cut her hair. In the beginning she’s just lying in her bed thinking and then sits up and then 0:23 is where she gets a determined face and she gets out of bed and starts slowly limping to the mirror and gets scissors and then at 0:44 is when she actually does it and the music lightens and gets all happy and I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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I was inspired by this to edit all the cloudbabies younger. They are so gorgeous and adorable. (✿◠‿◠)

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Ahahaha that description wait wat.

That awkward moment when you see a screen cap of your site’s Facebook status on Tumblr containing an image originally taken from Tumblr.  

It appears to be going in a cycle. Should I have sourced the image back to its original? Only reason I didn’t was because it was directly on the post itself. ^^;

Hope I didn’t just pull a bad post…

Not at all!

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Fairly certain this has made its Tumblr rounds before, but having just discovered this unbelievable AMV, I have no choice but to plaster it all over everyone’s dash.

"Avatar: TLA & LoK - Rise From The Depths" by ThinkOutOfTheCube

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